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What is Yubikey?

With the rise in software authentication issues including passwords, SMS and mobile applications’ vulnerability to hackers and malware, a tool like Yubikey has become increasingly essential.

Named by the inventors as the ubiquitous key, Yubikey was created with the aim to up the ante in global authentication standards. Yubikey allows one security key to access networks, computers, online services and other mobile devices with just a single touch.

Yubikey can help you master the balance between security and usability. It is convenient as opposed to other secure hardware authentication solutions that tend to be hard to launch and apply.

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Benefits of Yubikey

  • Protects access to computers, networks, and online services
  • All-in-one configurable security key
  • Easier and safer than authenticator apps
  • Compatible with a bevy of services and applications

Find the Right Yubikey for You

Kernel Afrika stocks a range of Yubikeys suitable for business, developers, education and even personal use among other uses. The right type of Yubikey you get is based on the type of USB port, your device operating system, whether or not you want a password manager as well as the mobility of your device.

Setting Up
Your Yubikey

It’s as simple as selecting your service/application (Dropbox, Google, Twitter) and following the respective set-up steps. (Insert link to the types of applications and services.)

Why Get Your Yubikey from Kernel Afrika

Kernel Afrika is the official African reseller of Yubikey as listed by Yubico

Buying with Kernel Africa is the most hassle-free way of getting your Yubikey

We offer support should there be a fault with the product

We honour the warranty

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